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parmita bhadra's TravelTime Review

Worst service..I called travel time in the morning 10 am for a cab from magarpatta till pune airport at 8 pm..I was having flight to catch at 11 pm..they gave me driver details around 6.55 pm..I called up the driver to confirm..he said he was not aware of this booking..later he said he will come on time but he did not come..I called him five times and every time I got the same reply..madam got stuck in traffic near ur house..willb there in 5 minutes..Iwaited till 9 and finally got an auto..I called up travel time office but they hung up the call..freinds never use there service

on 10/22/2015 2:39:41 AM  

Jayanti Sreenivasa Rao's TravelTime Review

Travel time Pune ..worst service . No metering.No GPS charges for 40% higher than othr service.Driver tells a random figure and you have to fight every time. I just deleted fom my contact list.pl do not use this srvice

on 10/10/2015 10:51:11 AM  

Avi's TravelTime Review

I witnessed a very rash, careless and dangerous driving in Pune by a Traveltime cab today. I noted the number (Swift Dzire MH14 CX 2017) and called travel time to lodge a complaint. They transferred the called saying it's a different department but no one answered. This happened twice. Their drivers are roaming around the city driving like drunks and these people are not even interested in taking complaints. I can not think of a more careless company.

on 7/11/2015 9:37:57 AM  

Akshara's TravelTime Review

Pathetic service. These guys have a sticker put up on the back of the car which says, Incase of violation call on xyz number. A car on the 13th of january 2015 was driving very rashly, with no traffic sense, continouos honking, driving too close to other vehicles and was not giving way to others. Irritated, I noted the number of the car and called the customer service. The customer service of travel time is third class. It is the worst service ever. They are not at all helpful, have no manners except a few and have zero knowledge of what to do. I was kept on hold for several minutes without any result.

on 1/14/2015 6:21:22 AM  

Dhanesh's TravelTime Review

Hi, I booked a cab through Travel time in the morning (at 11Am) for pick up from Pune station to Fursungi (10.20PM). I got the driver number over sms at 10PM and after calling the driver, I came to know that he was actually at airport. When I called the Travel time office, I got a reply that we can't assign a cab. And this was informed to me just 10 mins before the pick time. I called repeatedly to the travel time office, but everytime, they put me on hold and disconnected the call after 5 mins without responding. I am surprised to see such irresponsible behaviour from Travel time. Booking ID - B000211. Regards, Dhanesh

on 10/31/2014 12:11:32 PM  

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