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Sahil's Book My Cab Review

had booked a cab from kharghar to Mumbai and back. We had a horrible experience with Driver subhash Dorugand. 1. This guy was overtly aggressive. He abused me badly when I complaint about excess km charged. 2. He shouted and threatened me with dire consequences saying his car belonged to police. 3. By threatening us he charged Rs 2570 from us. Although he issued a bill receipt of 1650. 4. Throughout the journey he tried to get "over friendly" with my wife. 5. He certainly charged extra kms as from kharghar to Mumbai and return he claimed 118 kms...which was certainly way too much. 6. He never dropped us on the right spot...either before or away from our spot. He flatly refused to take us to few places saying this will be crowded and similar excuses. 7. He did illegal parking in colaba and charged us arbitrarily 250 rs for it. Considering the overall experience I am sure he lied here as well...it pains to say I was threatened to pay for an illegal activity.

on 8/1/2016 3:26:17 PM  

Arshad Mehfooz's Book My Cab Review

Pathetic, cheap and 3rd class service! This cab service is not safe and can leave you clueless if the car breaks down. Car reaches 45 minutes late from the scheduled pick up time. Breaks down in the middle of the road after 100kms. We were stranded for almost 2 hours in Wai between Pune and Mahabaleshwar. Spoke to customer care, alternate car comes after 1 hours. After driving for another 1Km, the new driver suddenly stops on a petrol pump and asks for 2000 rupees, later comes down to 1000 rupees. The new car provided had no association with bookcab and was just a temporary arrangement provided by the taxi operator. He did not provide guarantee of return to Pune. Reference Number: FDB6629002 Customer Care was not able to help. Had to keep calling them, they didn't even care to call back. Had to end trip in middle and come back with my own arrangements.

on 11/14/2015 6:30:26 AM  

Sheetal's Book My Cab Review

Family trip I had booked the cab for 3 days outstation trip from Ajmer to Udaipur from 3rd October to 5th October. The driver was extremely irritating and arguing with us. Asking us to take an auto for short distances. The Car Ac was not cooling. After complaining to the driver about this, he kept on arguing that the AC is proper and it is hot outside and that is the reason AC is not cooling. We had two kids with us and the driver did not comply with our requirements. When i asked for replacement of the cab due to the poor ac, I was told by the Customer care that they are trying and at night 8:45 I got a call from the customer care that they cannot arrange the replacement for the cab and would get the AC checked. I had to bear with a non-cooling cab for 3 days and the experience was extremely bad as i had to call the customer care again and again and complaint regarding the ac and the driver rather than enjoying my trip. Constrained to complaint about the service to BookCab call center incurred Rs. 150 and the Mental agony which i had to suffer because of poor services and false promises. I would never ever use BOOKCAB. My trip was SPOILED because of BookCab

on 10/6/2015 7:46:29 AM  

ramdayal yadav's Book My Cab Review

Drivers of book my cab so worst that they dont even do customer verification while doing pickup. Then after word says i thought customer is same who booked cab. Due to this i missed my meeting to which i lost my client order. Even some time driver charge higher side for carrier. And there meter also some time run faster than what is actual. From malad to naigaon usually i pay 450 to 480 but when i travel through bookmy cab i have to pay 550 to 600 for non ac this a very rediculus and cheap management of bookmycab half of the cab meter also dont even work n when ask for bill they said i dont have. I m writing this because today i loose my client because of this, and u r call centre staff say thats not my fault. Kindly help us with the Trip code so that the necessary investigation could be made What trip id ur asking about there r n no. Of trip check my record of both cell no. U will cime to k now by simply taking action aginst driver is not the solution this is company responsibility to train them since customer relies on company not driver. Thats your lackness. Now i'll not ever use book my cab after such incident.I know by loosing one customer it doesn't matter to you but it shows your sgemless behaviour

on 5/30/2015 2:48:54 AM  

Dancita alvares's Book My Cab Review

The hopeless service I have ever seen.I had to travel to airport eay morning I was afraid that I may not get the local taxi on time .so I booked a taxi prior 2 weeks on book my cab.the girl at the other end was very sweet and for dat moment I was very pleased by the service but when the real time came the taxi din't arrive at all. I was sent the drivers mobile as well as red. Phone number which turned out to be wrong number bz mobile number had only nine number wen I tried to contact the help line the person at the other end told me he will call back within two mintues.no response for half and hour . then finally I got the msg dat my cab will be arriving half and hour late .I had to catch an auto and go to airport which also led to delay in my boarding time .shame on all who cheated me badly .

on 12/29/2014 9:50:10 AM  

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