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komal's Easy Ride Cab Review

My cab was cancelled at eleventh hour. Its understandable that booking can be cancelled. but it should be informed well in advanced, so that we can arrange some other cab. I had a cab booked from airport at 11 pm. and I received the cancellation message by 11:05 pm. I had to wait on the airport till 12:30 am for another taxi. I was traveling with an year old kid. And my Kid was crying with hunger. Worst service ever seen in my life. please do not prefer easy ride for any kind of commute.. very unreliable.

on 6/8/2015 1:02:53 AM  

Prathmesh Shah's Easy Ride Cab Review

I booked a cab for Pune Airport from Dapodi(Ref ID: 119163) at 5.30 AM. I didn't receive any communication till 5 AM, so I called the cab driver Akash Rajput(Cab MH14 BA5646), to confirm. He assured me about the pick up at scheduled time. However, he didn't arrive, nor did he call, till 5.35 AM. After calling him 3 times, he picked up and gave me some rubbish reply that some customer had called him, so he got late, but said that he's nearby to my pick up area and shall be arriving in few mins! After that, he didn't call/arrive till 10 more mins(almost 5.45 AM), and when I tried to call him, his cell was switched off! Their call center is even worst! Didn't pick up in morning, so they just leave the customers half-way without any support! Finally, this dumb cab driver, Akash Rajput, called at 5.52 AM), which was 22 Mins late then the scheduled pick up time! What a pathetic service! And friends, I'd also like to highlight their another annoying POLICY!! They've a waiting time of Rs.1/min, which starts the moment your scheduled pick up time starts, without any free mins! And their cancellation cost is Rs.100!! Now who the hell is gonna repay the customers who have suffered from this kind of ridiculous service of Easy Rides?? I shall never ever use Easy Rides - Pune, and recommend all to avoid Easy Rides!

on 12/10/2014 12:22:04 AM