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Vishal's Ola Cabs Review

Really very bad serivice. Last week i booked ola from anad vihar railway station to gurgoan sadar charged approx 689 and after a week i bokked ola from same pickup point and destination charged approx 992 and mean while driver waited for filling the gas for 15 min now i m calling ola for explanation but no satisfactory answer provided to me by their customer care and from long i m trying to search mr.aggarwals email id i culd not find I know nothing will happend even then i m waisting my energy

on 6/4/2017 9:34:07 AM  

sakthi's Ola Cabs Review

ola is very bad service, I booked madhavaram to koimbedu. travelled with 2 child. child woumitted in cab. that driver said, get out from car, in mid night on the road.its very bad experience from ola, I wil not book in feature.

on 5/19/2017 11:58:20 AM  

vedashree's Ola Cabs Review

Kumar M (9844770163) is on the way in a White Indica KA53A3531. Pay Rs. 70 for this ride. Share OTP 8603 on boarding a cab. I boarded the cab from St johns road Bangalore n the driver got 2More booking after that my destination was frw miles away when cab driver took completely different directions when questioned in a rude tone he said if u book share this what will happen then I remained calm he continued. And when next booking came he waited for extra time I.e 5 min and time was 9.30 pm two drunkards enter the cab n the booking gets cancelled but the cab allows them to rr book best is he gives them the idea rebook then I start creating noise after which the rest would get down and I haul on the cabbie for his suggestion where he argues. I WILL MEET POLICE TOMORROW N COMPLAIN BASED ON SECURITY ISSUES FIRST N SECOND EVEN AFTER PAYING U GUYS SUCK N DRIVER ARE DUMB AND RUDE.

on 3/11/2017 11:44:15 AM  

Vidyaranya's Ola Cabs Review

I booked a OLA from Tirupathi to Renigunta Railway station and fare estimate showed Rs. 233- 240 for the trip. But at the end of Trip i was billed Rs. 410 when asked a minimum base fare of Rs. 199 is part of the bill. Locally available taxis drop for Rs. 150 but made a biggest blunder booking OLA. Customer care is absolutely unethical and unprofessional in replying to the querry. NEVER EVER BOOK A OLA CAB AND GET BILLED DOUBLE

on 3/7/2017 7:20:16 AM  

Pritam Shetty's Ola Cabs Review

I had booked an Ola from Gurgaon to T3 on 24th. The driver was Manveer Singh (CRN504439343) . When he dropped me he charged me 388.00 as per the receipt. I gave him cash since he informed he did not received through OLA money, though i had balance. I received a text message Later that 388 was also deducted from my OLA Money also. I even called the diver who admitted that he got double payment. He informed he will inform the ola to revise the double payment When i lodged a complaint with OLA (Ticket 30736007), they informed they will take action, but no action till date. Even the driver is not picking the call Hence guys take OLA at your own risk I have learnt the hard way. regards, Pritam

on 1/7/2017 7:41:07 AM  

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