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Karan jain's Meru Cabs Review

"PATHETIC SERVICE! Very high charges... ND very bad service... Take a rickshaw rather than book meru cab..."

on 7/15/2016 1:42:53 AM  

ayesha's Meru Cabs Review

"PATHETIC SERVICE! I had booked a cab for 08/07/2016 4.30 pm. Seems the operator mistook it for 4.30 am and i got a call on 08/07/2016 at 5.10 am about confirming my booking. I corrected them and they took my new booking for 4.30 pm. Generally we receive the cab details 20min prior but till 4.25pm I didnt got any message from meru hence i called them. The operator told me that within 2 min i would get my cab details. But still i didnt get any message for another five minutes. Hence i again called and was told to hold the call while the operator was checking the system. After checking i was told that the cab was available for 4.45pm I asked them that whether cab would be surely available at 4.45pm and the operator told that cab will be available for sure at 4.45 Pm. Again i waited till 4.50 but still no message. I again called and was told that SORRY!! cabs are not available in my area. What type of service is this? If cabs were not available then just 10 minutes before how could the operator ensure me that cabs will be available. How can any one plan their journey if the booking is cancelled in last minute. I was travelling with my two kids from Bhiwandi to Powai. After the last minute cancellation i was unable to find any modes of transport except public transport which is ST. Me and my Kids had to face very much difficulty while travelling because of the service given by meru cabs. If only they could have informed atleast 1 hour before tat cab would be not available then i would have arrange any other alternative. But they dint even cared to message or call that cabs wont be available. Henceforth no meru cabs for me and would share this experience with others too.. Really pathetic experience"

on 7/11/2016 6:59:58 AM  

Balasubramanian's Meru Cabs Review

"Today morning 2:30 am I booked meru taxi to go airport.They have confirmed my booking but taxi not came.Customer care peoples simply saying there is no taxi. Then luckly ola available in my location I took the taxi.Better avoid meru taxi to go airport."

on 7/10/2016 7:40:13 PM  

varun vimal sharan's Meru Cabs Review

"Booked a cab for airport. The cab didn't arrived till 7:15 and when I called the customer care they were screaming. Happened more than twice Worst service provider"

on 6/13/2016 9:59:52 PM  

Vijay's Meru Cabs Review

"I had to travel Innovation film city in Bangalore with my family. Booked Cab one day in advance. Confirmed the destination, approximate cost and willingness to provide cab to that destination as I had a bitter experience with OLA cab previous day which made postpone my plan. Customer care agreed for everything and confirmed booking. 15 mins before my start time next day, I receive an SMS stating Cab driver cancelled my booking. Cab driver said, he car do not have permit to travel the location. I should have booked my cab in Meru Flex. Customer cares response is to make another book and wait for the cab. Meru app shows no cabs being peak hours (8:00 am). When I started shouting at customer, they politely respond that they have registered a complaint, but I was on peak of frustration as to whom/why am I speaking these stupid guys. 2nd day I had to post pone my trip because of these Meru Cab. I hired a private taxi round trip on the 3rd day and took my family to film city. Worst experience with Meru Cabs, they just ditch at the right time. They behave as if an agent between Customer and Cab drivers. Its almost 10 days since I have returned but still could not control myself when I think about Meru"

on 6/2/2016 7:18:56 AM  
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