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Rita Tedesco's Suburban Taxi Review

"Thursday afternoon 27th July I rang to get a Taxi to collect myself from Arndale Shopping Centre to take me home which is 5km. I am in a wheelchair which is manual and can be taken apart and folded up to fit in a car but I need to have a flat surface to get into the Taxi. I waited for almost 2 hours and got refused from 6 of your Taxi Drivers, because I couldn't get in from the curb they would not drive a little bit further up for me to get in. I believe this is not the best customer service from you guys and being that it was also a very wet day that it could of been handled better. I have photos of the Taxi numbers and as well as phots's of where I wanted them to move up so I could get in. I also have a record of the calls."

on 8/08/2017 9:06:53 PM  

J page's Suburban Taxi Review

"Booked a taxi for 8.20am was 50mins late and two phone calls to be told they didn't know where there was a taxi making me very late and upset absolutely disgusted with my treatment and will now be looking at another company"

on 5/02/2017 6:28:42 PM  

David Williamson's Suburban Taxi Review

"Booked a taxi to go to Adelaide international airport. Stated that it was for 4 adults with 4 large bags with hand luggage. Had a small Toyota turn up. Had to put 2 large bags in the car. Which could only be considered unsafe. Completely understand why people are leaving for uber. Very unhappy customer. 29-12-16"

on 29/12/2016 2:00:14 PM  

Havili's Suburban Taxi Review

"They are a rip off, he took me through all the road work which he was well aware of the speed limit of 40km and instead of taking the shortest route, I asked him why did he not take the shortest route. He replied I wanted to avoid the traffic light. Wow so concerned about the traffic light but not the road works. So the fare from Oakden to the CBD costing $34.40 instead of $20-$24, there was no traffic on the road. I ask if I could take a photo of his ID number, he said there is no id number. This is very wrong, some disciplinary measures need to be establish to govern the taxi drivers who are cheating innocent passenger."

on 6/06/2016 8:52:17 AM  

david's Suburban Taxi Review

"terrible just terrible!!! picked me up and I asked if card was ok. He said yes and the fare would be $60 when i got there he took my card and passed me the reciept. I looked and found it had $10 extra on top. When i asked he said 10% bank charge!!! I questioned it and he screamed at me and threatened to ring the police. Scared my kids. My youngest was on the verge of tears. Ranf the company buti don think they will do much. My concerns was 10% bank charge! thats gouging! hidden charge too as I wasnt shown the eftpos machine he took my card and paywaved it through and his screaming! wow I will never ever get a taxi from that firm again"

on 29/04/2016 4:51:27 AM  
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