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Rob Williams's Black and White Cabs Review

"In a wheelchair and the cab driver refused to take me in a wheel chair cab."

on 13/06/2017 2:27:05 AM  

V Rodgers's Black and White Cabs Review

"Nearly got wiped out by a driver at Muller Road Boondall. He ran a give way sign almost wiped me out. He was so close to the car in front of him, he also nearly tailgating that car. of him. He then proceeded to go 40km an hour for the rest of the trip to Roghan Road. Didn't get his cab number, but the Reg No is T50 261. Thought drivers were supposed to observe, "My driving is on display". It was, but wouldn't get a great review."

on 16/06/2016 5:03:42 AM  

Amylee williams's Black and White Cabs Review

"Just got a cab to airport from McDonalds on Main st kangaroo point,to airport for a grand total of $50(well,$49.60)driver couldn't of gone any slower,trying to catch every red light possible,it got ridiculous,every other taxi and car sped past us,but no not us;that driver wanted every dollar he could get.wont do it again,$50 is a lot for 16kms!!!"

on 6/09/2015 6:31:56 PM  

peter gwizdalla's Black and White Cabs Review

"6/10/13 Booked a cab to take my intellectually disabled brother to QPAC. Told the operator QPAC was the destination. He was taken to the Convention Centre instead despite my brother also telling the driver QPAC was the destination. He was left there. We both miss the whole show. Took 3 calls to B and W cabs before they would tell me where he was dropped off. They also explain that when you book a cab, the company does not actually tell the driver what the destination is. If this is true, then why ask in the first place? I was also told I should have told the booking person my brother was disabled as this would have ensured he got dropped off at the right place. Does this make sense to anyone? Got a call from a "Call Centre Manager" apologising for the problem,saying it was an "operational" issue and that someone would call back in a day or two. 3 days later I am still waiting. My father owned and operated a B and W cab. I cannot imagine him or any of his contemporaries behaving like this. Is there someone driving cabs for B and W who believes it's OK to treat people like my brother in this way? Is this some type of discrimination or just sheer incompetence?"

on 9/10/2013 12:47:17 AM  

Anthony's Black and White Cabs Review

"Someone should teach taxi drivers how to drive before they let them behind the wheel of a taxi I almost got run over by Brisbane black & white driver of car 967 Saturday morning at about 12.35 am The street has a marked speed limit of 40 Kilometres per hour He was trying to do at least 60 if not more Something has to be done before someone else gets killed The lack of driving skills of these people is ridiculous"

on 23/08/2013 10:02:27 AM  
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