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Mel Santos's Taxi Combined Services Review

"Just spent 45minutes in a taxi with the driver on the phone on loud speaking speaking another language. Last thing I needed after a 12hr overnight flight!!! No wonder people are using Uber!!"

on 9/05/2016 8:34:59 PM  

Gizelle's Taxi Combined Services Review

"Personally rang to book taxi to airport for 3pm. After 10 min late rang, told us will be there in 5 min, rang again several time to be told we will be on priority, eventually after 35 min, jumped into our car to race to the airport. Got a call on mobile 3.57pm 1 hour after the booked time!!!! asking "do we still want the taxi"?????. Reply to my e mail complaint "there is not always a taxi in our area" sorry if "convenienced"???? Our choice: missing the plane, forefeiting 2 tickets, buying 2 full priced tickets for the next flight, taking our car to the airport, parking at exorbitant rates. WHAT INCONVENIENCE ?????"

on 28/04/2016 11:41:30 PM  

Babina's Taxi Combined Services Review

"I called today to make a booking for tomorrow and one of the staff was very very very rude with me, didn't let me explain anything, I was just trying to say that " I made a booking last time and didn't turn up so missed my appointment" but he didn't let me speak. His name is "PETER". He just hang up the phone. Right after 1 minute I called back again someone else ans the phone I told him everything and he asked me if I want to talk with him, I said yes and waited for few minutes when he ans the phone I said the way you talk to me is not acceptable, very rude without saying sorry once he transfer the phone to another staff while I was still talking, Actually I'm completely shocked because of him other staff will get bad reputation, I think he doesn't know how to talk with customer, he is just pretending as if he knows everything, he should go and learn about the customer service, I actually don't get it how did he get the job.? Very very rude I'll never ever book the taxi from "TAXI COMBINED SYDNEY" And I'll not recommend anyone to book taxi from there."

on 18/03/2016 7:33:42 AM  

ms jones's Taxi Combined Services Review

"A frightening experience. When the taxi finally arrived I was already rather late for my evening. The driver wanted me to get out in the middle of a lane in the dark, saying that the GPS said we had arrived ! I had taken the taxi to avoid wandering around in the dark ! I had to convince the driver not to leave me there. He walked around with me briefly, looking for the address.I had already paid and tipped, and he didn't want to start the car again. A car drove by and supposedly he was trying to move me out of the way - by grabbing my chest?! I told him to get off me, and he started shouting and screaming and asking me what my religion was?!I felt really freaked out and tried to calm him down when really I should have walked off. I asked him to apologise which he did. It totally ruined my evening and unsettled me and although I wanted to report him, I have found that in Oz no one wants to know, if you complain about something. I didn't want him to lose his job in case he had a family to support -he was Chinese-and I was aware he knew my address at the now I look for another cab company, maybe a women-only one ?!"

on 8/08/2015 6:36:23 AM  

Sal's Taxi Combined Services Review

"I booked a taxi online and waited for about half an hour for a call back. I was then told my driver was on the way, after being asked my destination (about 10 minute cab ride) the operator told me the driver all of a sudden had another job - clearly one that would make more money so was told I would be put back in a queue. No apology nothing will not be using again"

on 3/08/2015 4:25:54 PM  
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