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Barry's Black and White Taxis Review

"I am the night manager of a prominent hotel in Fortitude Valley. I've just had the driver of Taxi No: 530 come in and abuse me because a guest had apparently short changed him $2. He wanted me to call them so I asked him what their name was which he couldn't supply. I said to him " so you expect me to ring every room in the hotel" to which he replied F*** off. Black and White will not be getting any departure fares from this hotel."

on 17/06/2017 8:56:07 AM  

Hira Mehra's Black and White Taxis Review

" I got a letter from Black and White Taxi company saying that they also charge as detention fees if taxi is going slow for any reason. WHAT A JOKE? DON'T EVER USE THIS TAXI SERVICE."

on 16/06/2017 2:18:29 AM  

Hira Mehra's Black and White Taxis Review

"Perth Black and white Taxi operators are thief and cheater. I went to Airport in one of their disability Taxi on 24/05/17 and gave my Taxi Subsydy voucher for 50% discount but the driver took full fare and stole one of my form and kept other portion blank. Beware holders of Taxi Subsidy vouchers. Check their meter cautiously and always take the receipt of the payment failing which driver can misappropriate your voucher not known to you. PL DO NOT EVER TAKE THEIR TAXI. SOME OF DRIVERS ARE CHEAT SUPPORTED BY THEIR OPERATORS"

on 14/06/2017 11:33:14 AM  

John's Black and White Taxis Review

"Black and white cabs Perth is without a doubt the worst cab company in Perth. If I use the app it takes 15~20 min just to book the taxi and once booked its generally a 20 ~ 30 min wait everytime. I use taxis 7 days a week. Can we please fix this. You and your company cannot be pleased with the fact that black and white have a terrible reputation and will not be in business much longer if this persists. Thank you"

on 29/01/2017 5:32:13 AM  

Alan Dixon's Black and White Taxis Review

"Cab B0230 Driver 32275338 Fantastic service, offered water (which I didn't need) and lollies which I took. Lovely trip. Thank you very much."

on 1/11/2016 5:25:40 AM  
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