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Kelly's Taxis Combined Services Review

"Took a taxi combined yesterday from the airport to St Ives yesterday. The taxi driver's registration number is. EH 5933. He used a folded up plastic cord tied together with elastic band to block the 1 & 2 next to the amount one pays so one couldn't see it. I take this route all the time so I know the amount I should pay. When I moved the cord aside to check, he immediately said that oh no he had made a mistake and he will charge me 20% less. He has done this deliberately and who knows how many other people have been forced to pay more because of this cheat and robber. Taxi's are expensive anyway and had I sat in the back as most people do, then I wouldn't have noticed. BEWARE of this man and other taxi drivers doing this. I took photographs so I have proof."

on 21/05/2015 7:33:17 PM  
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