How much is the Helsinki Bus Fare from Helsinki Airport (HEL) to Helsinki?

Bus Fare
EUR € 2.8
EUR € 1.4
Sr Citizen
EUR € 1.4
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Helsinki Bus Fare from Helsinki Airport (HEL) to Helsinki

Helsinki Bus bus fare from Helsinki Airport (HEL) to Helsinki is EUR € 2.8. It usually takes 40 minutes to reach Helsinki from Helsinki Airport (HEL) which are 20 Kms apart. Bus fares in Helsinki Bus are calculated on pay per ride basis. Taxiautofare provides you the fare cards for different variants like adult, child, senior citizens, students and disabled. Information of daily, weekly, monthly, etc passes is given here.

You also get a smart tip where the details of other modes of transport like taxi and metro availability for your route is also present. Cheaper and Faster options are also shown in this smart tip. You will find the best possible way to reach the destination with the help of this tip.

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