Brest Tram Fare for Sr Citizen

Brest Tram Fare Breakup for Sr Citizen

Per Ride Fare for Adults EUR €1.5
Per Ride Fare for Child NA
Per Ride Fare for Sr Citizen NA
Per Ride Fare for Student NA
Per Ride Fare for Disabled NA
Daily Pass For Adults EUR €4
Weekly Pass For Adults EUR €14.2
Monthly Pass For Adults EUR €38.5
Quarterly Pass For Adults NA
Annual Pass For Adults NA
Daily Pass For Students NA
Weekly Pass For Students NA
Monthly Pass For Students NA
Quarterly Pass For Students NA
Annual Pass For Students EUR €250
Free Fare for Children under 4

Brest Tram Sr Citizen Fare Card

(Km | EUR €)
*Fare card does NOT include Booking fee.
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Last Checked: 25-Aug-2023
Last Updated: 25-Aug-2023
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FAQ about Brest Metro Fare Card

What is the metro Fare in Brest?
The metro fare in Brest are on pay per ride basis. It costs EUR € 1.5 for a ride on the metro for an adult. Here, card options are available too for frequent commuters.
How to calculate a metro fare in Brest?
To calculate a metro fare in Brest, please enter start and end destinations in the control and then click on Calculate Fare button.
What are the metro passes available for Adults?
For adults, daily pass come in EUR €4, weekly pass for EUR €14.2, monthly pass for EUR €38.5.
What are the metro passes available for Students?
For studentsand annual pass for EUR €250.
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