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L's Taxi Review

"Can was filthy, driver also dirty. The cabs middle rear seat belt was broken. His name was Doyle and he drove a seat mini van. He answered the phone twice on speaker and over charged us to finglas from the airport. Charging 27 euro for a ten minute fair. When challenged he said this was the rate. He didn't know where he was going and asked directions repeatedly. Outrageous."

on 02/11/2014 03:27:36  

sinara's Taxi Review

"this guy was a taxi in the queue outside dublin airport, as a local I knew that the old airport road would suit me best and asked for my destination and mentioned the route to take. he mentioned the motorway would be the best way to go so Iassured im he could go back that way but in my personal experience the old road was quicker and cheaper, well he was miffed and a few minutes of heavy breaking to toss me around in my seat ensued before he stopped acting like a little bi*** and just did his job, the journey was one of the cheapest airport to home fares so far, if you want to go any particular route you can ask i presume most people will ask politely no reason not to, so why have to deal with childish pouting? motorways generally take circuitous routes and distance wise- serve money grubbing types extremely well. walk to the city tourists, walk!!!!"

on 01/11/2014 08:04:08  

Mary's Taxi Review

"820 Cabs Dublin ( First off, although booked the previous day for a pickup from Dublin airport, the taxi firm did not contact us with respect to charges until 5 minutes prior to our scheduled pickup time only to inform us that they are charging a surcharge of 20 euros (total journey cost of 70 euros) for the child seat as it is their policy to store and collect the child seat from another office before hand. The driver then turns up half an hour late, was rude, unhelpful and incompetent. Incompetent as he was unable to install and secure the child seat correctly, so much so that the service was refused. The website was is misleading as it it did not indicate that there would be a surcharge for the child seat, the site also claims that there is a discount for booking online, but none was offered. Also the fee they were charging apart from the hidden surcharge, was more than the typical fare for this journey, which is usually between 35 & 47 euros."

on 28/04/2014 08:32:28  

louiseocallaghan's Taxi Review

"Satellite cabs what a rip off witb 20 per cent off I waa charged 2 euro more on typical journey wit moderate traffic than I normally pay. !!!! Nvr again that s tge second time I've been over charged using the app."

on 16/02/2014 05:04:01  
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