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Ling's Executive Taxi Review

"Hja 4432 is a hot tempered and bad words taxi driver I ever seen . He said passengers bring the luck to him. If the passenger go to short distance he earn no money .. I am thinking how could a taxi driver got that attitude . He is not qualified to be a taxi driver ."

on 4/5/2016 8:42:59 AM  

Bubble's Executive Taxi Review

"I think this guy modifies the metre. From mid valley to bukit jalil, already RM66++. Usually, it only takes rm18 for me to go back to bukit jalil. The metre jumps 20 cents every 2 seconds. And no traffic jam. I understand it is a premier taxi BUT it is impossible for the metre to jump every 2 seconds. This taxi HBA 7821. BE CAREFUL"

on 12/6/2014 6:16:40 AM  

teng's Executive Taxi Review

"I bought taxi ticket from jb ciq. No manners taxi driver HJA 1978, carpool 2 passengers at the same time w/o asking permission! This is ridiculous, and unfair! Why must I to be brought around to the passanger destination first?? It's time wasted and I am pay for the service. And this is not really safe to share cab with stranger, and no privacy. Please educate the taxi driver, get permission if passengers agree for carpool! Not everyone willing to be time consumption, got bring along with stranger!"

on 10/21/2014 9:14:33 AM  

rafs khan's Executive Taxi Review

"Me and my friend came to Pudu and checked the available taxi(so we can go to KLANG) . One Taxi driver offered us a ride in MYR 80. But another taxi driver said that come on meter taxi , it will cost you less. This blue taxi with plate number HWD 9651 is a SCAMMER. His flag down was 8RM and his meter charges 20sens per 15seconds. he also charged MYR 50 for mid night charges He charged MYR 180 from Pudu to Klang Centro Mall. He was acting like he knew the place i told him which was centro mall klang, we took the taxi from pudu sentral. when we reach Centro Mall Klang after long drive, he asked for MYR 180 , we gave him MYR 150 , he locked the doors and asked us to pay us remaining 30 else he will drop us again at Pudu stop. We told him that he is asking alot , he mis behaved, abused and asked us to complain in Police. These type of Taxi drivers are just destroying the name of Malaysian transportation. I am a foreigner and this is a most pathetic incident I have ever came across. Kindly take some serious action else people will start avoiding the taxi services"

on 7/10/2014 12:58:56 PM  

amanda's Executive Taxi Review

"On 22.5.14 i was go to CIQ JB to Taman Megah Ria the normal rate is RM17.00 but on that they i use the blue taxi go back to Taman Megah Ria i pay RM43.80 these the taxi no.HJA 91"

on 5/23/2014 6:54:24 PM  
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