Groningen Metro Fare

Groningen Metro Fare Card

(Km | EUR €)
*Fare card does NOT include Booking fee.
Last Checked: 16-Mar-2020
Last Updated: 16-Mar-2020

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FAQ about Groningen Metro Fare Card

What is the metro Fare for Child in Groningen?
The metro fare for Child in Groningen is around EUR € 2.5 for a ride on the metro. You can also estimate the charges of your travel with our mini calculator.
Are card options available for metro in Groningen?
Yes, OV-chipcard is is available in Groningen which is useful to get daily, monthly and annually passes according to the commuter.
How to calculate a metro fare in Groningen?
To calculate a metro fare in Groningen, please enter start and end destinations in the control and then click on Calculate Fare button.
What are the metro passes available for Adults?
For adults, monthly pass for EUR €19and annual pass for EUR €190.
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