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Catherine d's Trans Cab Review

"Hello, I just took a Trans cab taxi SHC 5629T from Robertson Walk at 8:55 to the hospital Gleneagles. I asked him to take a short cut because I twisted my neck. He took another road and tried to do a big loop from another side. I gently asked him why he took this road. He wasn't happy and started to drive very nervously and fast. When we head the hospital, he talked to me very rudely. I asked the receipt , he was even more upset and throw my credit card back. We can't tolerate this kind of attitude. Fortunately , all the drainers are not like that. Taxi is an image of the mentality of a country and some of them give a wrong image. If they don't like this job, they should change and it will be peaceful for everyone !"

on 5/3/2016 9:26:15 PM  

Matilda's Trans Cab Review

"I sat in a white top transcab today (12th March 2014) around 2-2.30pm, cab plate no. SHB9748L. This is to lodge a complaint against the driver, whose name I couldn't get as his license wasn't even displayed within sight of the passenger. I was loaded down with heavy bags of stuff when I boarded the cab, and had hurriedly loaded my bags into the backseat. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the plastic bags had picked up some dust from the side of the road I'd placed them on whilst trying to flag a cab. The moment I saw that I'd dirtied the seat, I'd immediately proceeded to attempt to swipe the dirt away to clean the seat for the driver. However, the driver had immediately blasted at me, accusing me of not being considerate enough to load my bags into the trunk instead of onto the backseat, and ordered me to clean the seat for him. This was all before I even had the chance to verbalize to him of my recognition that I'd brought in dirt to his pristine cab interior. I kept my peace at the time as I was rushing home. Throughout the ride, I made several attempts at cleaning the seat, but this was not observed by the driver, as I didn't wish to distract him from the road. When we reached my destination, the cab driver didn't even bother to acknowledge me, nor did he help me out with unloading my heavy bags. He also didn't offer to help when I boarded, despite clearly seeing me struggling with my load. In my opinion, and I'm sure yours as well, this is extremely poor service. This cab driver's rudeness is certainly highly unacceptable. As someone who provides a service to others and charging such hefty monies for it, this cab driver needs to reflect on his customer service skills, as well as his empathy, which seems absolutely absent from his body. I hope this complaint would amount to some suitable disciplinary action and further training for this cab driver. His behaviour is unacceptable, and no one should be made to tolerate such unpleasant behaviours. For sure, he didn't even acknowledge the fact that I'd tried to clean his seat for him, something which I could'd left (rightly so) to him, given the amount the cab fare has become."

on 3/12/2014 5:23:11 AM  
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