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afzan's Taxi Review

"my brother had bad experience with thai taxi driver last night. I will make a list for better understanding 1. From Hard Rock Bangkok to Naratiwat 24... with out meter thb 200.. 2. Then the driver claim my brother broke the door handle while try to open the door.. Its start when my bro try to shut the door..but not fully close bcoz lose grip due to oily handle. Then try to open the door,,, but was child lock. No sense put child lock at rear left hand door plus the door handle very slippery. From begunning he already hv bad intention. With some force...door handle upper cover detached.. How come the inner clip can be broken??? 3. Keep blaming my brother broke the part..and ask for THB 1000. Since my brother have 6mths baby n wife onboard..he try to negotiate to discuss once arrive at hotel. This driver stop at any hotel and claimed this the hotel my bro askedcfor... he may think my bro just touched down at that night. Lucky I teached my brother simple thai word... Hotel Naratiwat Yii Sip Sii.. 4. Driver claimed want to drive to police station..but he actually just drive around 5. Driver drove to the mentioned hotel..but stop about 700m from hotel..keep asking for money. End bro ask his wife to carry the kid to the hotel in dark to seeking help. 6. My brother just paid thb200 and asked the driver to the hotel if he want more. My brother just walked off from the taxi as the driver reluctant to go. 7. Driver threat my brother by mentioned he know boxing n have many friends outside. I was get ready with hotel security at the lobby and rushed to my brother the moment I saw my brother's wife in walking in the dark. With the security help..he direct the car to the hotel for further discuss. There I proved to the driver this part not simply broken.. for work with car maker and same goes to my brother. This taxi driver pick up wrong guy to claim about car part quality. Even this driver cant answer why the handle grip oily n why he put on the child lock at rear passanger left hand door. I challenged to call police n our embassy guy if he still not satisfied. Here, how can I attached the broken part n driver taxi license photo?? Hope thai authority will take necessary action as this guy created bad reputation to other taxi drivers n Thai country itself. Thousands of thanks to hotel management n security that be on our side to confront this guy."

on 2/9/2015 2:09:07 AM  

Brian and Pavinee's Taxi Review

"My wife and I just spent 4 weeks in Thailand mostly in Bangkok where she owns a home and is a Thai native who speaks the language fluently. I am the farang husband from Cabnada. We often head to Sukumvit at night for dinner at Sian Paragon or other malls or the Nana area for people watching. Usually we taxi home between 11pm and 1am from the Nana area ofren loaded down with grocery bags. We usully sre refused by 3 - 5 drivers because they want to go off meter for 100 baht and our fare to the PhraKanong BTS station area is usually 67 - 75 baht. The drivers are rude and usually laugh off my comments about reporting their cab numbers. I am very put off Bangkok and have no desire to return once the house is sold. This along with the traffic, horrific air pollution ,dirty streets and buildings, food, restaurant and attraction price rapid escalation, martial law / political strife are all reasons why the tourism buisness is obviously down significantly in this normal High season. Thailand risks " killing the golden tourism goose " and severely penalize the drivers and owners for this behaviour as most other world city destinations do."

on 12/16/2014 1:29:38 AM  

Phil's Taxi Review

"We have just returned from 3 weeks in Bangkok, Chang Mai and Koh Samui. Catching many Taxi cabs, NOT ONE would turn on their meter. At the airport we were also scammed for a 750B fare from Airport to Siam square by a Taxi Cab NOT standing at the OFFICIAL GATE. It was a good safe trip BUT I felt like our luggage was NOT going to be removed from the trunk until I had parted with the 750B. After this we would always ask the Concierge at the Hotel for an indication of fares and used this as a GOOD GUIDE - I also tipped 50B when a safe driver / trip was provided. We also extensivly use the Metro Trains ( get a map and have plenty of 10B coins ) and the river ferries that were also clean cheap and ON TIME - AND SAFE. My partner wanted a Tuk Tuk ride - NEVER AGAIN. Unfortunately the Taxi Cabs continued to ASK to 2 to 3 times what a trip would be and I would just move onto the next Taxi ( wanting to laugh at their audacity sometimes ). Enjoy the experience and remember ITS STILL A CHEAP FORM OF TRANSPORT - REWARD SAFE and COUTEOUS DRIVERS and TELL THEM WHY."

on 4/4/2013 11:26:17 PM  

Dante's Taxi Review

"Thai taxi are really very very cheap compared prices you must pay in other countries, i am always happy to give generous tip to drivers."

on 1/25/2013 2:52:24 AM  

Sunil Jain's Taxi Review

"Horrible Experience! We went from Lebua at State Tower to Pantip Plaza in a taxi. When we paid the driver and asked for a return of THB20 that was due, he said he did not have change. My son offered him coins to facilitate this at which he got angry and slapped my son saying we owed him a THB20 tip. Worst experience ever..."

on 1/19/2013 7:59:49 PM  
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