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Lee lewis's Taxi Review

"Radio Cabs Bridgend Over charge, I live a mile from town, on my way to town I stopped at the shop that was no longer than 2 minutes max, it was a weekend, a bank holiday or anytime that a fare is increased for whatever reason, £7.00 I was charged, when I complained, they lied and and said no taxi went to my address that day, or I was in shop longer than I thought or there was traffic, but I told her that none of these excuses fitted what what happened, roads clear, I wasn't a second in the shop, no peak times, and I can assure you I was in a taxi. She said well we can't play around with the meters and must be right, and ended the conversation"

on 04/09/2015 02:56:46  

Julie's Taxi Review

"Just had a taxi 23/8/15 from Aberfeldy to Pitlochry Scotland. Awful service as it came 25 mins late. I had prebooked twice! Nearly missed bus home to Glasgow. Never again. Unsure of firm but their phone no was 01796 472290 Pitlochry firm. Awful!"

on 23/08/2015 14:36:27  

Sarah's Taxi Review

"I have used Leach Taxis from Pontypridd for a return to Heathrow. The driver was very sociable, friendly, punctual and accomodating. This firm was the cheapest, I was quoted from 12 companies in total, some ranging to over £500 which is ludicrous. Great service and highly recommended"

on 01/04/2015 08:49:49  

Leslie Judson's Taxi Review

"I took a Black cab from Heathrow T5 Thursday morning 8 15 am. I was charged nearly £30.00 for a £21.00 trip The driver was told it was the Concord center Crane road,which is only 7 miles away. As long as Black cab drivers rip off the public other taxis will continue to take the business away. I am prepared to pay more for a premium service but not 50%. I will advise everyone who will be making that trip in future to avoid the Black cabs from T5."

on 19/09/2014 05:24:34  

Hussein's Taxi Review

"Boro Taxis , Middlesbrough tel 01642 222222 Book a taxi from town centre to hospital. Arrives promptly and fare is £3.40. On route I asked to stop at a cash machine, which is on the same road as the hospital and stopped for 10 seconds , and fare went upto £4.40. What a rip off! If they have quoted, £3.40 that's why should be charged . I will not be using Boro Taxis from now on."

on 14/01/2014 06:24:28  
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