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h fotheringham's Taxi Review

"28th February 2016--just had a taxi from New Orleans rail station ( taxi driver number 1150) - fare was $14 meter not on he feed us bull**** about a fixed price from the rail station. Cost should have been $6.50."

on 2/28/2016 10:09:11 PM  

brittney's Taxi Review

"They were quick to pick me up but the guy cond me out of 50 bucks he told me that he knew a quicker way but the way he took was the longest way possible to go!!!!! EVEN After I told him to get on the highway that I was familiar with. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. WHAT A CON ARTIST!!!!"

on 3/26/2015 5:26:51 PM  

Cindy's Taxi Review

"I had very bad impression with Memphis taxi. Before I got in into the cab, the first thing I asked was if you took cards since I didn't have enough cash. The driver said yes. Once I arrived, he asked cash only. I had to ran over the hotels around to find ATM, and got charged extra $5 for processing fee. After a long time flight, it is more exhausting to deal with an unreasonable person like this."

on 7/13/2013 10:42:57 AM  

Bruce's Taxi Review

"There is no such thing in Oakland USA Taxi auto fare. Pe ople pay $100 make a website offer how ever they can steal business From Oakland Taxis. If you take a taxi from Oakland Airport it is like $68 + $3 Oakland airport fee. No other Cab is allowed to pick from Oakland Airport unless you are a Oakland Taxi Co."

on 7/27/2011 11:19:42 PM  
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