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alexandria's Yellow Cab Review

"The operators are so rude and 3 times in a row now I order a pick up and they do not come nor call me with a update....horrible customer service leaving people hanging"

on 2/21/2017 9:45:54 PM  

jdar's Yellow Cab Review

"Do NOT schedule a cab in Loveland Co. The Ft Collins Yellow Cab advertises service here, but I have scheduled a cab twice and it took over 2 hours. The dispatcher was rude and after giving her my phone number 3 times, she still got it wrong. When I complained about the wait, both times I was told it was because they don't have any Loveland drivers. THEN DON'T OFFER THE SERVICE!!!"

on 11/16/2015 8:00:20 PM  

James Howlet's Yellow Cab Review

"This is not to discredit Yellow Cab itself, but certain drivers. Pretty sure this guy took a longer route to my destination just to up the cab fare. He was also somewhat of a chatty guy, keeping me distracted so I wouldn't notice what he was doing. My lesson is to never take the interstate highway like he suggested. Absolutely ridiculous the fare was. Anyone in the Salem/Roanoke Virginia area keep an eye out for this African American with many tattoos on his arms. Not the best con artist, but he got me."

on 7/20/2015 11:50:11 AM  

Amit's Yellow Cab Review

"horrible experience with the cab. it seemed like I'm already in India. taxi operators and drivers are same everywhere. don't wanna hire another time."

on 7/1/2015 11:07:29 PM  

Jennifer Pasa's Yellow Cab Review

"I waited for 1 hour and when the cab arrived in my apt complex the driver called me and told me that i need to walk in front of the office which is very far from my apt building and it's raining,he did'nt follow instruction after 20 minutes he cancelled he said he can't find me and then i'm late at work already.i called again to dallas yellow cab and order a cab and i told the operator of what happen that night and i asked her again if how many hours i need to wait she told me about 15 minutes so i wait and after 20 minutes cab driver called again and he told me that he's in a fire station waiting for me,i said why your there thats not my address that i gave you guys and he said ok can you walk and find me so i dont have choice coz im late already i walked and then when i found him,i gave him my destination instead of turning left he turn right and we almost hit the 2 other cars and he drove like he's a new driver.i promised to myself i'm not riding this cab company was a horrible experience."

on 5/26/2015 1:18:06 AM  
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