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USD $ 15 - Airport Taxi Fare from SDa to airport

Fare Calculator

Total Distance = 7 Mile
Estimated Travel Time = 19 minutes
Addison Metrorail
Adult Metro

What is Addison Airport Taxi Fare ?

Fare From SDa to airport

Fare from SDa to airport is USD $ 15. The total distance between SDa to airport being 10.974 Mile takes about 19 minutes to cover the distance. Taxiautofare.com not only provides you with a taxi fare calculator that gives you the price estimation required to travel from a source to destination but also shows you these fares according to traffic variance. There is usually a surcharge on your bill based on the traffic charged by the taxi companies which is taken into consideration while calculating fares. A complete comparison of estimated fares for different taxi companies available in Addison, TX USA is also provided. The contact information to book any of these taxi companies and the fare breakup can also be accessed. SDa to airport Fare along with the fare cards and a detailed route map is available.