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VickiT's Green Cabs Review

"Using a green cab from Queenstown airport to lower shot over rd on Sunday morning , not much traffic around , cost $49.0 for the appx 8 km trip. Seems excessive as the outgoing leg of the trip had cost $37 three weeks earlier. I'm not at all happy with the driver or company. On arriving at the destination the meter had $40 on one read out but when the driver finalised the trip the total read $46 . however later that night when checking bank statement noted it had gone up to $49. Very unlikely to be using them again."

on 16/08/2015 4:31:08 AM  

Angel959's Green Cabs Review

" this company costs more than your average cab I know they say it doesnt but as soon as the flag fall they tack on extra charges the drivers never know where to go and if you have a complaint they just ignore you..My mate lost his I phone in one of there cars the cabbie dropped it in to the management and they tried to steal it ..It wasn't till an honest worker found it in the back of a drawer in the office that it was finally given back to the owner,,Also the time it takes to book a simple cab is ridiculous and I know that other companys run the prius too so they really aren't that special And if you wanna get anywhere in a hurry dont call these guys ..if you just want a trip from the local supermarket to home don't call these guys because they get angry if they are asked to do small trips and if you live in Auckland don't even waste your time unless you are catching a flight and it will be at least a 50 to 100 dollar fare Well those are my 2 cents woth anyway"

on 17/09/2014 10:27:14 PM  
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