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Wesley's UberX Review

"Excellent. Technology making your life easier. Win win for service offer and rider."

on 2015-11-27 6:21:58 PM  

m's UberX Review

"Uber Canada is a big cheater transportation that I ever seen, why your company doesn't have a system to show us where do u charge double times and half so by saying your company is cheater guss what , not only the company is cheating . All the drivers too .since none of them claim HST back to revenue Canada soon I hope to see that our Canadian law/policy makers police officers and other responsible source, will wake up one day and come after uber Canada"

on 2015-08-17 10:04:04 AM  

Sam's UberX Review

"Excellent service, you can use oknxx to get $20 off your first ride."

on 2015-01-24 9:24:21 PM  
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