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Q) You are travelling to a new city and you are on a budget. The only mode of commutation possible is travelling by bus. Do you know how much does your bus ride cost?
Q) Want to travel by bus but don’t want to go through the hassle of searching routes and finding out fares?
Q) Where will I get a Canada bus fare calculator that gives bus ride costs according to age?

Travelling by bus is generally cheaper than travelling by taxis or cabs. There is always the worry that taxi or cab driver is going to take you for a ride. With buses there are fixed routes and fixed fares. Bus services also have various passes and card options which can reduce your cost of commutation considerably. But travelling by buses, comes with the hassle of finding out whether there is a bus to your destination or not, if yes then which bus, which route can you take, what are the ticket prices and which card options are available.

This Canada Bus Fare Calculator provides solutions to all these issues. Just enter your source and destination and our bus fare calculator gives you an estimated bus fare according to different age groups and a map showing the route of your travel. We also provide you information about daily passes, weekly passes, monthly or annual passes, etc.

*Note that we only provide an approximate ESTIMATE, although the accuracy of our fare calculations tends to be very high!