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Travelling by Metro

Q) New in the Canada and stuck in traffic because of long lines of buses and taxis on the roads. Want to try other alternative for travelling?
Q) Does Canada have metro facility? What is Metro route if I want to travel by metro? How much is Metro Fare and is it economical to travel by metro?
Q) Where do I get latest updated metro fare card? What are the pass options available for metro travelling?

Metro is often termed as rapid transit. It's speed, connectivity, cost effectiveness, less time consuming nature are the foremost reasons for its popularity amongst people. Irrespective of financial status, number of commuters travel by metro. Metro has more capacity to carry people which in turn reduces traffic congestion on roads. Metro is believed to be more environmental friendly than other transportation services. The rate of carbon monoxide emission of private vehicles is almost double than that of metro.

This Canada Metro Fare Calculator has solution for all your questions. It provides you the detailed route map available for metro and the fare per distance travelled. It also tells you the information regarding reduced fare available for senior citizens, disabled and students. It has information for variety of passes available such as daily pass, weekly pass, monthly or annual pass etc.

*Note that we only provide an approximate ESTIMATE, although the accuracy of our fare calculations tends to be very high!