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Nick Green's Taxi Review

"Last night, Mon. Nov. 30th at approximately 11:30 pm my wife and I (both in our sixties) were picked up at the cab stand outside the International Arrivals level of YVR by Newton-Whalley cab no. NW 110. When waved forward by the dispatcher on the ground, the driver of that vehicle (name unknown) raced up from the back of the line of loading cabs, stopping approximately two to three metres out from the curb and approximately three metres ahead of the pickup point. He was extremely rude and visibly annoyed at having to retrieve and load our bags from the baggage card perched at the edge of the curb. His surly demeanor was both shocking and unexpected. Already suffering from severely torn ligaments and muscles in my right shoulder, I grabbed one of my bags from the cart with my left hand and passed it to him. In doing so, I injured my left shoulder and screamed out in pain. The driver did not say a word and did not express any concern. He just jumped in and slammed his door, closing the passenger sliding doors automatically and sped away. We had a good deal of difficulty finding and untangling the seat belt as we were tossed about rounding the ramp out of the pickup area. The driver exceeded the speed limit the entire trip and ran the red light at the T intersection connecting to Southwest Marine Dr. When we arrived at our destination in Point Grey, he dropped our bags on the street in the rain, not even bothering to place them on the curb. Welcome Home to Vancouver! Bring on UBER"

on 2015-12-01 10:08:05 PM  

stephanie's Taxi Review

"Recovering from surgery. Needed a cab to get home after a long day out and the 2km walk would be too far. The driver from Richmond Taxi picked us up. The drive home was quick but only because he averaged 65km per hour in a 50 zone. Called dispatch....... not like they gave a crap. Did I mention he floored it to get thru a yellow light that turned red as was were in the intersection. Beware of Richmond Taxi in Richmond BC"

on 2015-02-18 10:54:04 PM  

Judy B's Taxi Review

" I am concerned about taking a taxi between YVR downtown Vancouver. I was born & raised in Vancouver and travel there at least 3 times a year. The last time I went the driver explained there was an accident "just around the corner" (on Granville)so he had to take an alternate route. I soon realized he either didn't know where he was going or he was deliberately taking a roundabout route so our fare would be high. I took $40 out of my wallet and said to my husband, "This is what he is getting paid and it is up to him how much is the tip.""

on 2015-01-09 4:57:58 PM  

John Tennant's Taxi Review

"On June 4, 2014 we had our hotel (Holiday Inn) obtain a taxi to transport us from 9351 Bridgeport Road, Richmond, BC to 999 Canada Place (cruise ship terminal). The taxi fare calculator gave the shortest route 14.26 miles and 20 minutes. Fee $28.00. The taxi from Richmond Cab arrived (cab no c65) The driver loaded our suitcases and assisted us into the cab. We gave him the destination and he asked "have you ever been to Vancouver before?" We answered no. He then drove us to the cruise ship terminal. He took a round about way and took over a half hour. Total was over $40.00 without the expected tip. ANOTHER TOURIST RIPOFF. I believe we should receive a refund of at least $12.00 but I doubt if that will happen. Vancouver needs to put a stop to this. We have already told many of our traveling friends that Vancouver is not a Tourist friendly city. This driver should be suspended from driving for at least 30 days, and if it happens again, be denied the license to drive a taxi."

on 2014-07-12 1:57:53 PM  

Geoff Zieman's Taxi Review

"Duffy's Taxi in Winnipeg don't use Duffy's taxi. On two occasions I called for a taxi to the airport. I got an automated service that said a taxi was on its way. It never arrived in either situation. The first time I managed to drive myself and park at the airport and barely made my flight. The second time I called back. They said that the request "had not registered on their system". I then had to wait 40 minutes while they reassured me a cab was on its way. Needless to say I missed my flight. Total cost $140. The airport clerk who changed my ticket said she'd heard similar complaints. The Cab driver seemed angry when I did not tip him after I arrived too late."

on 2014-06-26 10:34:56 PM  
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