Oslo Christiania Taxi Fare

Oslo Christiania Taxi Fare Breakup

NOK kr 246
10 Km | 14 M
NOK kr 170
5 Km | 12 M
NOK kr 163
5 Km | 11 M
Booking fee NA
Minimum fare 44 for first 1 Km
Fare above minimum fare 13 per Km
Fare Per Minute 6.5 per minute
Waiting charges per hour NA
Luggage charges Luggage that can fit into Taxi storage is not charged
Traffic, Roads, etc. variance Expect 5% (Moderate traffic) - 10% (Heavy Traffic) increase, as the practical on-road fare.

Oslo Christiania Taxi Fare Card

(Km | NOK kr)
1.0 | 44.0 8.0 | 135.0 15.0 | 226.0
2.0 | 57.0 9.0 | 148.0 16.0 | 239.0
3.0 | 70.0 10.0 | 161.0 17.0 | 252.0
4.0 | 83.0 11.0 | 174.0 18.0 | 265.0
5.0 | 96.0 12.0 | 187.0 19.0 | 278.0
6.0 | 109.0 13.0 | 200.0 20.0 | 291.0
7.0 | 122.0 14.0 | 213.0 21.0 | 304.0
*Fare card does NOT include Booking fee.
Last Checked: 08-Jan-2020
Last Updated: 08-Jan-2020

FAQ about Oslo Taxi Fare Card

What is the Taxi Fare in Oslo?
The taxi fare in Oslo charges a minimum fare of NOK kr 44 plus NOK kr 13 per Km costing you a total of NOK kr 57 Km. Here, estimated fares are provided to you with fare comparisons before you actually travel.
How much does a cab cost in Oslo?
A cab in Oslo generally costs NOK kr 44 for 1 Km and NOK kr 13 for every subsequent Km with extra NOK kr 0 for every 60 seconds wait.
Are Oslo Taxi fares expensive?
Oslo Taxi fares starts at the base charge of NOK kr 44 and NOK kr 13 for every subsequent Km while the traffic wait time is NOK kr 0.00 per hour or NOK kr 0 for every 60 seconds. Luggage that can fit into Taxi storage is not charged in Oslo taxi.
How are Taxi Fares in Oslo calculated?
Taxi fares in Oslo are calculated based on the minimum fare and fare above a minimum fare. Minimum fares for Oslo starts with NOK kr 44.00 whereas NOK kr 13 is charged above a minimum fare which adds up to the subsequent Km in travel by taxi.
What are waiting charges for Taxi in Oslo?
Waiting charges for Taxi in Oslo is 0. NA
What are luggage charges for Taxi in Oslo?
Usually, the taxis charge extra for luggage which adds to the total amount charged for your travel. Luggage that can fit into the taxi storage is not charged in Oslo taxi.
What is Night Taxi Fare and Night Taxi Timings for Oslo?
Night Taxi Fare for Oslo is NOK kr 53 for first 0 Km and NOK kr 15.8 for every subsequent Km for 13 hours in the night. Night Taxi Timings for Oslo is 05:00 PM - 06:00 AM.
Does Taxi in Oslo charge extra at night?
Taxi in Oslo generally charges extra at night. Some taxis charge almost double the price at night. These extra charges are well mentioned on our night fare card.
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